Product Name:  Detergent

Synonyms: cleaner, cleansersoap
Detergent Type: Cleaner

Detergent Use: apparel, dining hall, refectory, kitchen

Shape: Liquid


1. any of a group of synthetic, organic, liquid or water-soluble cleaning agents that, unlike soap, are not prepared from fats and oils, are not inactivated by hard water, and have wetting-agent and emulsifying-agent properties.

2. a similar substance that is oil-soluble and capable of holding insoluble foreign matter in suspension, used in lubricating oils, dry-cleaning preparations, etc.

3. any cleansing agent, including soap.Compare anionic detergentcationic detergentsynthetic detergent.



1) Strong clean.

2) Soft skin protection

3) High concentration formula

4) With pleasant & lasting perfume.

5) Non-toxic & Anti-bacteria & Biodegradable

6) Quickly permeates the fabric and cleans every strand